15 Credibility Street #14: An imperfect world

The theme running through the topics and discussion in this episode is that nothing in the world is perfect and there are lots of gray areas, and flaws, and “just not good enough” that we spend significant time and effort trying to figure out and fix. Here are the topics we discuss in this edition of the podcast:

  • America’s most famous chocolate is not perfect but good if you need your fix.
  • Norwegian chocolate may be superior but their beaches aren’t.
  • Where do Vikings go on vacation? Yes, they can get seasick.
  • We’re having trouble finding a plain-old piece of fruit in the grocery store among all the virtue-signaling high-end produce.
  • Sharon’s manuscript, not close to perfect, but on its way to the publisher.

Sharon’s favorite chocolate right now.

As for the news:

A viral video was promoted as showing a mysterious member of a tribe of pygmies in Indonesia. The video was, yes we really mean it, far short of perfect, leaving us to speculate if it was staged or CGI.

A very unfortunate man in Sulawesi is eaten by a python. Real or not? Probably real and you’ll hear far more about snakes you probably didn’t want to know.

Cut-rate cosmetic procedure of butt injections is back in the news again as the pretend doctor is convicted of manslaughter. We try to understand how people can do this over and over again. Here is the story of a model who went back over and over for more injections and ended up disfigured and in ill-health.

The family behind The Watcher story has also returned though the Watcher himself has vanished. Spoilers: Sharon watched the movie based on this story (in fast forward because it was really terrible. Not recommended.)

Finally, we delve into a discussion about the conflation of the concepts of atheism and skepticism. Just a clarification, this is NOT an atheist podcast or website and we don’t promote that philosophy – we promote evidence and reason, especially using the tools of science. Skepticism and atheism are not the same and should not be used interchangeably. Why is it assumed by many who congregate and communicate in this collective that you must be consistently BOTH? No one succeeds at that. We outline the many flavors of atheism and explore why that is as well as how the tone about religion is different in Europe.

Can we get past this hurdle of real or perceived anti-religious sentiment in order to deliver a message of general critical thinking for the benefit of society? If so, how?

Tune in to find out what movie was banned in Norway due to blasphemy laws.

Listen to the episode here:

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