15 Credibility St #13: Some particular place to go

WooHoo, lucky number 13!

Topics for this episode include:

  • T’s travelogue of Liverpool for a Beatles tour. Just how small were the houses they grew up in and how did Ringo fit a drum kit into his room?

Ringo’s house in Liverpool.

  • Would you want to live in a famous house? No.
  • Howard presents the “Chocolate Minute” on the history of Reese’s peanut butter cup.

    • Then Chuck Barris died, confusing some people. If you have never watched the Gong Show it was like the worst of America’s Got Talent. But there were genuinely entertaining and talented acts occasionally on the show. Here is Chuck Barris hosting Oingo Boingo in a spectacular appearance before Danny Elfman became a movie soundtrack star.

And, heads up, there’s a throwdown extra if you stick it out to the bitter end.

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