Suspiciously frozen fishes and Trumpagator

Two weird “what’s going on here?” animal stories are making the rounds this week.

Several readers have sent me the bass-eating pikecicle – what appears to be a pike eating a bass that was flash frozen. Real or fake? It’s hard to say – there are some reasons to say either yes or no to its authenticity.

Anton and Alex Babich were ice fishing on Wawasee Lake in Indiana in mid-January when they came across the fish sticking out of the ice. Upon further inspection, they realized it was in the process of being eaten.

This was the original picture posted to Facebook by Anton. The ice is clear enough to show the drama below.

But people cried fake. So they went back to the spot with a chainsaw and cut out the block. The Weather Channel video and commentary is pretty sweet.

The double fishcicle. Photo: Anton Babich

Assuming it is a natural situation, the most logical explanation is that the pike could not swallow the fish, it lost the ability to breathe and floated to the top where it was frozen. I don’t see how it could have “flash frozen” but, not sure why it was in the vertical position instead of floating horizontally. Could it have been deliberately put there? Sure. One suspicious aspect is that the Babich’s have a new YouTube series called “Trendy Outdoorsmen“. This fishcicle is on their first episode which has over 700K views. A gimmick to get viewers? Very possibly so. Unless someone admits to it, we won’t know for sure. But I’m doubtful that it wasn’t all orchestrated pretty carefully for maximum effect.

This gives me a perfect opportunity to promote my other blog, where I just posted a piece on moments of death frozen in time by geological forces.

Next, an orange alligator was photographed in Hanahan, South Carolina.

As if being this garish color wasn’t bad enough, the reptile was turned into Trumpagator, the butt of a joke comparing him to our fake-tanned President Trump. It’s pretty clear that the animal is coated with the coloring and not genuinely orange. Most likely explanations include iron-rich clay, iron oxide from a rusty pipe, or even algae. He’ll be fine and back to his normal hue in short order.

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