Charlestown beach carcass in Cornwall is a whale

A UK paper reports that a Mysterious sea creature washes up on Charlestown beach near St Austell and no one knows what it is 

Chris Crane was walking on the beach in Charlestown on Monday when he came across the washed-up animal.

He said he believed the creature had already been there for a few days as it was beginning to smell. So far, Chris has had no luck in identifying the creature despite guesses that it could be a pilot whale.

Uh, yeah, we do know pretty clearly that it’s a whale, probably a juvenile, lying on its back. You can tell by the skeleton. That’s not a guess, it is reasoning. Whale strandings are common. Instead of doing a few minutes of research, this source and others instead emphasize how some people think it is the remains of the mythical sea monster, Morgawr.

Why assume nonsense when it’s a common sea animal? It’s most likely a pilot whale, as those with some experience have stated. See this similar carcass. As noted in this piece, an expert remarked how the “jawbone has been washed away and the whale’s hard palate has been exposed” leading people to see what appear to be weird and unfamiliar creatures. We see the same effect here.

Cornish carcass is a type of whale, not a mythical creature.

More photos were posted here.

It seems to be a good week for stuff washing up on shore and being completely misidentified via speculation instead of immediately consulting at least someone familiar with zoology.

Photo Miranda Knight on Facebook.

Thanks to Markus Hemmler who shared this story and his level-headed analysis on Group of Fort.