15 Credibility St #11: It’s One Louder

This edition of the podcast features an overview of the doubtful news stories you don’t want to miss and a discussion between Sharon and Kenneth Biddle on the requests for assistance they receive at the Anomalies Research Society.

Howard, Torkel, and Sharon rock the Doubtful News of the week.

Check out the featured stories from DN:

New Mexico Senator has put his big foot down on funding monsters hunts

Burzynski ruling is in: Stan (may be) saddled with an overseer

Philippine globster is mass of collagen, remains from marine animal

A new continent of Zealandia? Wrong. Not new at all to scientists.

Howard fills us in on ‘The Bobs’ Vaccine Challenge. This absurd “challenge” is being touted as important by ignorant anti-science sites like Infowars. Autism likely has several “causes”, vaccines are NOT one of them. Consult actual medical professionals, not politicians or actors, for your health information: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism: CDC, The Importance of Vaccines – American Academy of Pediatricians.

I chat with my buddy Kenny Biddle about the Anomalies Research Society (Facebook page). Kenny is most definitely the bulldog when it comes to getting to the bottom of claims of ghosts caught in photos or videos. We run through the prickly issues with the many requests for help we get and Kenny walks us through how to look at anomalous photographs.

We’re on the case! Show us the evidence!

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