15 Credibility St #10: Minding the Gap

In this episode, we talk about the loss of the founder of GapMinder, the efforts of CNN to ignore that they ought to be doing journalism, and what happens when fantasy erodes the grip on reality for some pre-teen girls. We really need to mind the gap.

In June of 2014, we brought you the story of two girls who stabbed their friend in order to get into the good graces of the Slenderman. And all hell erupted over the idea that kids could commit murder (or in this case, fortunately, fail trying) in the name of a fictional character created from whole cloth on an Internet forum. In this episode, we discuss the case which is coming up for trial this spring in Wisconsin.

Just 12 when they stabbed their friend, the two girls were immature – and potentially mentally ill – so they should be kept in juvenile court

Source: ‘Slender Man’ Trial: Trying These Girls as Adults Is Absurd – Rolling Stone

The Slenderman discussion is our main focus for this 10th episode where Howard, T and I discuss the documentary now airing on HBO called “Beware the Slenderman“. T noticed the flip-flopping narrative in the documentary. Howard looked into the legal details that were left vague (but are very important) and I noticed how kids receiving mixed messages from parents and society sometimes fail to discern real from fantasy.

The Slenderman case harkens back to 1993 when two ten-year-old boys murdered two-year-old James Bulger. Here is the statutory cite for the Wisconsin presumption that certain crimes automatically are adjudicated in the adult criminal system.

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