Trudeau’s appeals exhausted and lawyers go unpaid

It appears Kevin Trudeau’s legal odyssey is done for now as judges decide that he can no longer appeal his conviction.

Trudeau was finally jailed with a 10-year sentence in 2014 after appeals and an initial release from jail. Ordered to pay back people he defrauded, he claimed he was broke and filed bankruptcy. His personal stuff was sold. But the FTC was sure he was hiding a stash of cash despite his pathetic pleas to the contrary. The judges didn’t believe him (WhhaaAAAAAT??) so they continued to search for money hidden in his affiliated businesses. They found some.

The decision, FTC vs Kevin Trudeau, was issued December 29, 2016. It’s quite interesting to read. Check out the tone of frustration evident in the judge’s voice:

This decision marks the end of litigation about Kevin Trudeau’s frauds—or so we hope. Earlier decisions affirmed his criminal conviction and sentence and his adjudication in civil contempt after he refused to surrender the profits made from violating orders of the Federal Trade Commission. See United States v. Trudeau, 812 F.3d 578 (7th Cir. 2016); FTC v. Trudeau, 662 F.3d 947 (7th Cir. 2011). The contempt judgment is approximately $38 million, and Trudeau claims to be destitute. Believing that this is just another of his lies, the FTC demanded that firms it thought to be affiliated with Trudeau turn over business records.

Eight million dollars collected from Trudeau and turned over to the FTC is going to the victims of his frauds, not to pay his lawyers. Ooh, they aren’t happy. But that’s what you get for dealing with one of the U.S.’s slipperiest shysters. The judges thought the law firms “did little but obstruct discovery in an effort to keep the FTC from laying hands on assets that Trudeau was trying to hide.” And, they conclude that the legal orders issues allowed for the FTC to have the funds prior to fees being paid.

Trudeau still has a Facebook page that spouts his usual drivel under the banner of the US flag and with a goal stated to “fight for free speech and the protection of the First Amendment.”

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I KNOW that jerk is sitting in jail. Thinking about that and all the people he’s scammed, I AM feeling quite peaceful.

Thanks to Joy for this tip.