Tabloid pseudoscience alert: Alien claw

The usual tabloid suspects are hyping a non-story about the finding of an “alien claw” in Peru.

ALIEN investigators claim this giant hand is REAL and could have come from a dead extra terrestrial being.

Source: Researcher Brien Foerster claims ‘giant hand from Peru cave’ could be of alien origin | Daily Express


Institute Inkari-Cusco find alien claw and mummified skull found in caves below Peru desert – Yahoo7

Seems like they spent more effort making dramatic videos instead of getting some actual expert investigation. I’m not going to go into details about this. Please view Jason Colavito’s piece instead. He does a fine job of outlining the issues with it.  “Alien” Bodies and Body Parts Allegedly Uncovered in Peru (Again)


In short, here are the reasons we should consider this HIGHLY doubtful and disregard it for now:

  • These researchers are biased, they have an agenda about “giants on earth”, have alleged other such extraordinary findings, none of which have added to the body of scientific knowledge or changed any paradigms.
  • The story of the finding of the artifact is unconfirmed (and ridiculous).
  • The “hand” looks like a jumble of bones. Why would an alien have somewhat human looking attributes but weirdly human? It’s illogical, unreasonable and implausible. Hoaxes and gaffs abound for this sort of thing and these so-called experts fall for them. If they sincerely believe these things are real (and not deliberately pulling our legs), they are seriously gullible.
  • The hand and an associated skull (possibly a fetus) have not been examined by reputable experts, they are being “tested” by others of their choosing, not independently – a red flag that this is hype and not real science. Good science does not make announcements of major discoveries via cheezy video clips, Facebook posts, and blogs without confirmation of the details and reputable, confirmed results.

It’s pseudoscientific nonsense. All such tabloid fodder should not be taken seriously until it goes through an objective scientific process. That means the objects are open for study by actual experts (in this case, by anatomists) not fringe archaeologists. The results must be published for all to see and comment upon in a reputable journal. Until then, I say, meh, this is just another click-bait piece of garbage.


Terry says it looks like whale bones. Indeed it does – a plausible explanation for the bones possible crafted to look more mysterious.

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