15 Credibility St #9: I’m the only One

Mystery Candy?

This week is a bit different as I (Howard) am the only one hosting this week’s episode.  It is a bit of a potpourri of my thoughts on a few topics.

A trio of podcasts is discussed: Be Reasonable, Reality Check, and a little known popular show called The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe.  Be Reasonable does useful work interviewing proponents of paranormal, pseudoscientific, and/or poorly evidenced ideas and beliefs.  Be Reasonable is a production of the Merseyside Skeptics and has returned to production after a nine-month hiatus.  Reality Check is the oldest skeptically focused podcast in Canada, and each week, a tight thirty-minute episode is produced that usually discusses a trio of topics.  The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe has a long history and consistent track record. I share my view on its current state with its newest member Cara Santa Maria.

I then discuss two stories shared recently by Doubtful News.  The first was a piece on Doubtful News website regarding evidence that the extinct Tasmanian Tiger aka Thylacine is actually still alive in the wilds of down-under, and why the proffered proof is not very convincing.  Finally, I cover the case of a road covered with red unmarked skittles, which is a news article that was shared on the Doubtful News Facebook page. Local Wisconsin local law enforcement found a road covered in the sugary goodness.  Surprisingly, the event has brought attention to a common secondary use for spare candy production, and the mystery of where these particular skittles originated is still a mystery.

Link to the The Skeptical Review piece on the recent Episode of Be Reasonable with Mark Sergant.

The episode can be downloaded here or listened to below.

As a kid I thought Belinda was a dish.