Demon tree very silly, and the clickbait is so sweet

There is this crazy viral photo going around of what some people gullibly think is a demon strolling down the street in Arizona. I doubt it.

Photo: Richard Christianson on Facebook

Photo: Richard Christianson on Facebook

We have no verification, no other photos, no daytime photos of the same location, not even DETAILS of the location (which seems to be somewhere around Phoenix, AZ). AND… the post has been removed from Facebook.

I saw this a day or so ago, circulating in the usual unreliable spots – Facebook then tabloids. But it has been picked up by local news and “horror” and “weird” websites simply because it conforms to their formula for clickbait. Everyone has an opinion on it – it’s an angel, a demon or a palm tree – so commenters keep clicking and returning. According to them, depending on what you see, you are either gullible or forwarned.

Here’s what I think: MEH. It’s a waste of time. There are no demons or angels descending to earth caught in a blurry snapshot by some guy. In order to claim something so outrageous, you’ll need more than a questionable fuzzy phone photo.

What is it? I don’t know. But I do know that if this was real, we would have a hell of a lot of better evidence than THIS! The photographer, Richard Christianson (appropriate name, isn’t it) doesn’t seem to wish to comment. The Facebook post is no longer accessible after receiving a flood of attention. What’s a bit humorous is that people are chiming in on his OTHER posts asking about the photo which has mysteriously disappeared.

While it would be best to know what really is going on here, this story and photo are trash news. Get on with your day.

Addition: A commenter on our Facebook page remarks that it is was taken in Baton Rouge, LA in 2012 and is two palm trees together. Plausible but I can’t confirm it by just hearsay. The use of someone else’s photo without permission to cause a public stir is a good reason to remove the post. So, once again, I suggest, get on with your day. Stop wasting time on nonsense.