Episode 2: Rather Rigged

Stopping by at 15 Credibility Street this week are our pals Bob Blaskiewicz and Karl Mamer. Because, they rock. But first, since this is Halloween, I mention ghosts. The hot news this week was not that ghosts are any more plausible or better documented than in the last 300 years but that the guy who makes a living off making, selling and promoting (on TV) his ghost-seeking devices, admits “the ghosts, they are us”. Finally, the skeptics are allowed to totally crush the afterlife out of the celebrity Ghost Hunters in a seasonal piece. Touchdown. 

drbob-vet-hospitalDr. Bob brings us the continuing story of a quack who is facing potential sanctions from the Texas Medical Board. Regular readers of Doubtful News will know the name Stanislaw Burzynski, a medical doctor who runs his own cancer treatment clinic using some alternative methods unsupported by evidence, who is the subject of propaganda movies and campaigns and who has violated research standards according to FDA inspectors while running a never-ending trial without solid results. Yet, on and on he goes, charging patients exorbitant case management fees and selling them drugs at high costs from his own pharmacy. Check out the stories of the patients that aren’t praising Burzynski at The Other Burzynski Patient Group site. The current status of the case is the issuance of a preliminary ruling loaded with some absurdities from Chief Administrative Law Judge Lesli G. Ginn including this comment:

The alternative therapy provided by Dr. Burzynski during the period at issue has since become more accepted and mainstream.

False. NOT a fact. Propaganda seems to be working. The Medical Board has received some criticism for this. But not enough. The decision has not been finalized.burzynski

Don’t miss this crucial expose on the Burzynski Clinic from USA Today (July 2014): Doctor accused of selling false hope to families

Our second segment is something I doubt you can get anyplace else: We ask a Canadian Conspiracy Skeptic about the US Presidential elections.


Karl Mamer. Peace, man. Thanks for coming on our show.

Howard chats with Karl Mamer of the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast about the rampant claims that voting can be rigged. How plausible is this? What does it involve? And what IS Dan Rather doing these days…? Make sure you listen all the way to the end for Howard’s jabs at Putin and Karl’s comments on poppies and his own drawing skills. I’m pretty sure Howard and Karl are related.

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  5 comments for “Episode 2: Rather Rigged

  1. Chris
    October 30, 2016 at 11:11 PM

    I just downloaded, so have not listened. Just to let you know that Karl’s podcast is very interesting. Unfortunately there are podcasts not on his main page, but they are on the feed:

  2. Karl
    October 31, 2016 at 3:59 PM

    Thanks, Chris. Yeah, I’ve just been updating the XML feed (hence the iTunes entry) the last year or so. I’ve also slipped into semi retirement, doing a new ep once every 2-4 months. But I did take the opportunity to do a longer version of election fraud with Howard on my podcast. I’ll be posting that up pretty soon.

    Also I’ve been having problems with my software that records from Skype. So the last few eps have really, really bit for sound quality. I apologize to any aggravated listener.

  3. Chris
    November 1, 2016 at 2:21 AM

    Just downloaded the election fraud with Howard podcast from the RSS feed. Thanks for that.

    By the way, you know there is an “anythingbutipod” forum for a reason… some of us really really really hate iTunes. Though it is on two household computers I use because dear hubby uses it. Even he yells at it, and he is an ex-Canadian from Vancouver Island. Oh, and being married to a computer engineer those are the financial and media computers because we need to specialize (and because dear hubby is awesome… the media computer replaced the VCR, the DVD player and the CD player, plus added a BluRay player).

    “I’ve also slipped into semi retirement, doing a new ep once every 2-4 months.”

    I completely understand.

  4. Karl
    November 1, 2016 at 8:59 AM

    My senior moment was forgetting the name of the media “cabal” that calls elections on election night. It was a group called the Voter News Service:


    The seminal work on conspiracy theories The Fifty Greatest Conspiracies of All Time delved into it:


    It’s been since replaced but still roughly the same idea.

    In Canada, it’s illegal to report election results until all polls have closed right across the country. BC is on Pacific Time. I’m not sure if there’s such a law in the USA. I think California has long complained the election tends to be decided before polls close there.

    A wide eyed conspiracy theorist type might claim this “unelected” and “private” news cabal could improperly call close races, thereby convincing, say, the legions of Trump voters on the west coast they can’t make any difference and they stay home. Not that I think there are legions of Trump voters in California, Oregon, and Washington State that could make those red states. But still.

  5. Chris
    November 1, 2016 at 1:29 PM

    “I’m not sure if there’s such a law in the USA. I think California has long complained the election tends to be decided before polls close there.”

    It makes it complicated for those in Hawaii and Alaska. But here is what I found:

    It doesn’t matter for us, everyone in our house all voted yesterday. The state of Washington only has mail-in ballot voting.

    I enjoyed your podcast with Karen Stollznow of the Monster Talk podcast. It is cool how they have all the documents ready for their family to depart to Australia. After seeing the news this morning that Trump was over taking Clinton, I am wondering if dear hubby can reclaim his Canadian citizenship. 😉

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