I left my heart in Ohio…

What a bizarre story! A heart, suspected to be human, unexpectedly appeared in an Ohio field, next to a parking lot. A plastic bag, containing the organ, was discovered by paramedics who initially threw it away, but, soon after, retrieved it for testing. Here is a quote from the Norwalk Reflector:

About Aug. 25, a North Central EMS crew was parked at the Friendship Food Stores, 175 Milan Ave. Fulton said they parked an ambulance there for the purpose of coverage and at that point, the heart wasn’t there.

The crew then responded to a call.

“After they returned, it was there,” said Fulton, who estimated the time period was about an hour, maybe less.

“It was just a little ways into that field off the parking lot. It was in a plastic bag,” the detective said.

A plastic bag containing a heart was photographed next to a parking area in Norfolk, Ohio. Photo: Norfolk Police Department

A plastic bag containing a heart was photographed next to a parking area in Norfolk, Ohio. The bag appears to have been deliberately placed there to be noticed. Photo: Norfolk Police Department.

Where the organ came from is a complete mystery. Was it previously frozen? Is it from an animal, perhaps a pig, whose heart looks very similar to a human? Why was it there in the first place? The Norfolk police labeled this incident an “unusual occurrence”. I’ll say!!

The media reports say that an hour passed between the time the ambulance left and returned, suggesting that the bag was placed there during that time. Weird and rather creepy.

We await additional answers. Access the police report here (PDF).

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  1. TheRook
    September 17, 2016 at 4:52 PM

    A lot can happen over the course of an hour!
    But maybe the heart was there the first time, and the paramedics simply didn’t notice it then. The position shift of the sun or change of cloud coverage can influence the visibility of a relatively small object such as this, and easily go unnoticed, especially when not specifically looking for it. Or the paramedics didn’t park in exactly the same spot the first time, too far away from the heart to discover it – memory can be deceptive sometimes.

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