Whale of an opportunity provides interesting data

Photo: Robyn Malcolm

Amid the pod of humpback whales in waters out of Eden, an opportunistic fur seal wasted no time in finding the best seat for the fish feast.

Source: Seal rides on the back of a whale on the NSW south coast

The series of photographs by Robyn Malcolm show typical whale feeding behavior and it looks like the seal just got a bit of a lift at one point. It’s cute. It must have been quick since she says she didn’t notice that she had captured this exact moment.

But a whale expert says Ms Malcolm had an interesting other image of some whales feeding in a circle with bubbles in the centre.

“They look they are bubble feeding, a very unique behaviour. We’ve not known humpbacks in NSW waters to feed like this, that’s the first time I’ve seen that happen in NSW waters.”

So this really is a gem of a photo.

As my friend John would say, “What’s the best camera? The one you have WITH you.” Keep one handy for moments like this.

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