Superstitious beliefs work against tormented family in Zimbabwe

A nine-member family including small children have been experiencing mysterious fires in their home in a village in Zimbabwe. They have had to flee and they can’t find help.

Source: Mystery fires guts down homestead | The Chronicle

The Nkomo family of Tabi Line in Magaya village, Ward 17 yesterday told The Chronicle how the inexplicable fires have hounded them since October last year.

A police officer reportedly ran for dear life when one of the fires started in his presence last week. The officer, the family said, had come to take a statement as police suspected arson. Philemon Nkomo, the head of the family, whose hands were burnt as he tried to douse flames from one of the fires, said he had been traumatised by the infernos that reduced his four-hut-homestead to ashes.

The family lives in fear as the fires start not only when they were away, but now nearly every day. When they moved into temporary shelters, those burned too.

Nkomo says he suspects someone is doing this to them and pleads “If I wronged anyone, let them please come forward instead of plotting to kill my children.”

The villagers are afraid to assist the family since they believed they are “haunted” by ngozi or vengeful spirits.

It appears superstitious beliefs prevent the family from being safe and from obtaining help from their neighbors. What’s the harm in superstition? A tragic backwards response like this and a family with no where to go, living in fear.

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