Lion in China may have been kept for TCM “cures”

This is a tragic end for an animal that was kept out of its element. It may have been destined to have its parts used for Traditional Chinese (or Asian) Medicine.

Officers reportedly fired 20 shots at animal, which is thought to have jumped out of a lorry that was transporting it.

Source: Chinese police shoot dead a lioness on Anhui highway

How the protected animal came to be on the road in Anhui, eastern Chinese, was not clear, but the illegal raising of endangered species is not unusual in China.

Aside from a small population in north-western India, lions are native only to Africa, but the illegal raising of endangered species can be lucrative in China as some of their body parts are deemed to have curative properties in traditional Chinese medicine.

She had escaped and was roaming the streets. Police found it in the best interest of everyone to take down the animal. No one has claimed ownership of the animal.


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  2 comments for “Lion in China may have been kept for TCM “cures”

  1. Phil
    September 10, 2015 at 6:02 PM

    How did the culture which produced so many inventions come to this? Gunpowder, movable type, the compass….
    My relatives when I go to Asia , never even try to explain it to me. They just say oh you wouldn’t understand. Which means they can’t explain it. Because it makes no sense.
    And yes the ‘west’ has problems but we don’t believe in magic potions any more ( usually). I’m a big follower of Socrates myself.

  2. Headless Unicorn Guy
    September 11, 2015 at 1:10 PM

    For what it’s worth, someone told me once that traditional Chinese culture has this tropism for mystical explanations, i.e. if the choice is between rational/skeptical and mystical/supernatural explanations, they tend towards the mystical/supernatural.

    Out here in California, the REAL big advocates of TCM, Feng Shui, and the like are NOT recent immigrants from China (which would make sense, “old country” traditions/folk beliefs and that) but what used to be called Yuppies in their Planned Gated Communities(TM) in the high-rent part of town. (Similar demographic to anti-vaxxers, rich, highly-educated, the Beautiful People with their Indigo Children Mini-Mes.) Chinese Herbalism, TCM, Feng Shui, I Ching, all from the Mystical Orient and More Spiritual and Correct than our own Western science. (Or maybe it’s just the lure of the Exotic.) Thing is, TCM et al are usually based not on herbalism as effect, but on the crudest forms of Sympathetic Magic. Eat the body part of a Lion and you will be as strong as a lion. Powder and eat a rhinoceros horn (which looks like an erection) and you will be Virile and Get an Erection.

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