Workers in Cambodia suffer mass faintings due to poor conditions

Last week, nearly 400 workers fainted in four factories across Cambodia. On July 2 alone, 38 workers lost consciousness working at the Quint Major International factory in Phnom Penh.

Source: 400 Cambodian Garment Workers Experience Unexplained Mass Faintings Within One Week

WWD* reported that in 2014, the Ministry of Labor recorded that more than 1,800 workers collapsed in 24 factories.

The mass fainting phenomenon — which reached its peek in 2011 — is still a mystery to the Cambodian garment industry. Experts from the International Labor Organization recently concluded that they were caused by a combination of reasons — including poor nutrition, low ventilation and air circulation in factories, and mass psychogenic illness experienced by workers .

It’s not “unexplained”. This appears to be directed related to working conditions. When the women have no recourse, they get stressed out and an incident of mass psychogenic illness occurs. In this case, it is not related in the media to spirits or a mystery illness but commented on for what it is – a very unhealthy situation for garment workers. There is a quote in the piece from a worker who was asked to up the output. She fainted.

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