Three ‘ghost hunters’ plead guilty to trespassing and damage

The Ness church in Litchfield, Minnesota is found on several lists of “haunted” places. Just because it’s supposedly haunted (with no good evidence for that, by the way) and you feel like calling yourself a “ghost hunter” one day, does not give you ANY rights or privileges to break into the place and “investigate”.

Historic Ness Church. (This picture came from a paranormal site.)

Historic Ness Church. (This picture came from a paranormal site.)

During an interview with law enforcement, all four reportedly said they were staying in Willmar and had been drinking before they left to go find Ness Church because they believed it was haunted. Huber allegedly told law enforcement that he and two other men broke windows to gain access to the church. He said they used a camera to videotape everything in case they saw a ghost. The next day, a detective reviewed the footage on the camera.The footage allegedly showed the three defendants breaking into the outbuilding on the church grounds.

Source: ‘Ghost hunter’ enters plea agreement

Yep. Filmed the crime, they did. Todd Everett Suurmeyer, 23, of Brandon, South Dakota, pleaded guilty to the first-degree felony charge. Kyle James Huber, 23, of Victoria, and Joseph Frank-Michael Porter, 25, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, each pleaded guilty in July to felony charges of criminal damage to property. One other was arrested but released without charges.

Thanks to TV shows, tons of amateur paranormal groups and people who document “paranormal places” on the web, such sites gain popularity for thrill seekers. It’s not unusual for them to gain access without permission and to cause damage or be disruptive.

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Kids seem to find no issues with breaking into an old church. I’ve had ghost hunters admit to me they used to do such things just for kicks. Such activities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I’ll go on record to say it’s DUMB to promote places as haunted. It’s not an excuse for what these guys did but it does encourage unlawful activity for no good reason.



  2 comments for “Three ‘ghost hunters’ plead guilty to trespassing and damage

  1. Bill T.
    August 12, 2015 at 3:16 AM

    “Just because it’s supposedly haunted (with no good evidence for that, by the way) …”, because there is no good evidence for any haunting, to date?

    “… broke windows …”, in what universe would anybody think this was OK, for whatever excuse? I agree, I hope all such cases are vigorously prosecuted.

  2. August 12, 2015 at 5:36 AM

    I lived in a “haunted” house as a child, so I find hauntings interesting, but in a psychological sense. What interests me is knowing what makes people believe that houses are haunted. These so-called ghost hunters don’t understand it at all. Hauntings, in my view, result from people living in a house for a long time, where things that can’t easily be explained are combined with psychological factors and stress, and maybe an imaginative child that credulous adults for whatever reason choose to take seriously… (I was such a child, and my parents encouraged my stories of ghosts, which most likely were simply normal childhood nightmares. For years afterwards I believed in all kinds of nonsense.)

    These thrill-seeking “ghost hunters” are just a bunch of drunken vandals. They take made-up TV ghosts seriously and do not understand or even appear to realize that ghosts are purely a psychological belief. And yes, they should be prosecuted and made to pay for all the damage they’ve done.

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