Psychic swindle targeted older woman in PA

Stop me if you heard this one before… a woman is talked into paying for psychic services and loses a cartload of money.

Source: ‘Psychic’ siblings in Bucks County face trial over swindling elderly woman | PhillyVoice

A brother and sister in Bucks County who stole more than $17,000 from an elderly woman under the guise of providing her “psychic services” will head to trial after waiving their right to a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

According to The Bucks County Courier Times, Rocky Samuel, 28, of Bensalem, and Amanda Thompson, 24, of Bristol, allegedly took advantage of the 89-year-old woman after she called a local psychic in April to get a card reading.

They then charged her credit card multiple times without authorization for $15,000. The woman was not identified but she sought the psychics to fix her “bad luck”.

Don’t go to psychics. Ever. Just don’t.

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  1. August 14, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    We have a “psychic” here in Blair County, PA (about 3 hours away from Bucks County) who manages to stay in business and out of trouble – not really sure how she does that. I have never seen or met her, but (sadly enough) some people I used to work with – mental health therapists, of all people! – told me how “accurate” she was. Oh, she couldn’t see the future or anything, according to my former co-workers, this “psychic’s” big talent was reading someone’s past!!

    It never occurred to them that this woman would be able to look them all up online (they all had very detailed Facebook pages) or, since we are talking Altoona here, that even the local gossip would help in her ability to “read” someone. When I brought this up, my co-workers accused me of being paranoid.

    They never could explain how they thought someone telling them about their past was “psychic”, or even particularly helpful.

    I would love to see this person out of business. I’m sure she’s taken advantage of a lot of people with her nonsense.

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