Mutilated cat discovered in Louisiana

A disturbing and sad case of probable animal abuse. Authorities do not know what happened.

The Humane Society of Louisiana said it is investigating a gruesome case of a cat that was found cut in half last week on the Northshore.

Officials with the HSL said the cat was discovered the morning of Aug. 5 on a golf course. Charlie was a 2-year-old cat that belonged to a Covington family.

Source: Humane Society of Louisiana investigates cat found cut in half on Northshore

This is not an isolated incident. There are other cases where this has happened and appears to be deliberate. The HSL also is aware of several other similar reports that have occurred in New Orleans and Metairie. In each case, the cats were displayed, meant to be found.

It happened in 2014 in central Florida and in California in 1989 sparking fear of violent individuals or cult sacrifices.

Cats do die in accidents and from predators. It’s not confirmed that these cases were done deliberately since no suspects were caught. People often assume a wrongful cause, like Satanic cults, if they are not used to seeing such situations especially if they are shocking. Rumors of such cults that were all over the media in the 70s and 80s never panned out. They were exaggerated. But, there’s no doubt there are unstable people who will kill animals. It’s unclear what is happening in Louisiana and you can’t blame pet owners for being very upset and concerned.