Mitchell’s grounds for appeal of psychic swindle crimes have fallen away

A fortuneteller convicted in 2013 of swindling two women out of tens of thousands of dollars had appealed in part based on a possible mishandling of the notes.

Source: Mystery Over Jury Notes in Manhattan Psychic’s Trial Is Solved – The New York Times

We’ve followed the arrest and trial of Sylvia Mitchell. There was a discrepancy noted about instructions to the jury by the judge. This was the basis of Mitchell’s appeal. But it seems the judge misremembered – a common mistake that happens to everyone. A recently found transcript confirms that the jury was correctly instructed. It appears Mitchell no longer has grounds for appeal. She is serving 5-15 years for swindling $138,000 from two women under the guise of removing “curses”. She was found guilty of 10 counts of grand larceny and one count of scheme to defraud.