Malaysian school disrupted when girls claim to have seen a phantom

News snippet: A school in Malaysia had a bout with “mass hysteria” last week.

The learning session at a secondary school in Pokok Sena, Kedah was interrupted Wednesday when about 30 girls went into hysteria.

Source: Pandemonium broke out in Pokok Sena school as pupils are hit by hysteria | Astro Awani

It was reported that the incident started on the top floor involving a Form Four student who claimed to have seen a phantom before a several other students on the lower floor were attacked by hysteria.

Mass hysteria is not the right term to refer to what is rather common in schools around the world. It often involves girls and is prevalent in the south-east Asian countries and areas of restrictive behavior rules. It is better referred to as “collective obsessional behavior”, “mass delusion” or “mass psychogenic illness”. But it still retains the popular term in the press. When individuals suffer patients real neurological symptoms without a definable organic cause in response to stressful situations it it called “conversion disorder”. Such phenomena are not uncommon and are even seen in the U.S.

For more on this phenomena, check out this book:

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  1. September 1, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    In order for something to be called “mass hysteria”, the people suffering from it must exhibit some kind of physical symptom such as motor agitation and so on. It’s not an incorrect term for what one often sees in cases of adolescents – twitching, flailing, pseudo-seizures and so on.

    “Hysteria” is a somewhat old term, but not necessarily incorrect.

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