Johannesburg’s “haunted hospital” plagued by trespassers

A development company in South Africa says youngsters and ‘ghost hunters’ enter the abandoned Kempton Park Hospital, Johannesberg, for thrills. Criminals use it to hide. It causes extra expenses for security since the place gets vandalized.

Source: ‘Haunted’ hospital off limits to ‘ghost hunters’

The place is known as the “haunted hospital”. As we reported in other stories this week, the haunted reputation will attract those looking to find evidence of ghosts.


The building is government property and no trespassing is allowed. That does not deter everyone.

Once again, we can probably fault the local media for reporting on how the place has become popular with ghost hunters. Publicizing that just results in MORE people attempting access to the site. Security guards pocketed some cash from those who wanted to get in by charging a fee for tours. Also not helpful.

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