Complaints against Burzynski Clinic now at 5 individuals

The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group blog has discovered a new complaint against the cancer treatment clinic run by Stan Burzynski.

5th Member of Burzynski Staff Faces TMB Complaint

On June 29th, 2015, the Texas Medical Board filed a complaint against the Burzynski Clinic’s physician assistant Anita Shrout. This brings the number of confirmed open Medical Board cases against members of the Burzynski Clinic to five. One against Stan, one against his son Greg, one against Drs. Yi and Marquis, and this latest against a physician assistant, Anita Shrout.

The complaint alleges:

Respondent failed to adequately document the health care provider who was making the evaluation and treatment decisions regarding the patient. Respondent’s failure to adequately document the health care provider who was making the evaluation and treatment decisions regarding the patient was so significant that the medical records appear to show that the Respondent was the health care provider who was making the evaluation and treatment decisions regarding the patient.

The Board is authorized to take disciplinary action under the Physicians Assistant Act if Shrout is found to have acted in an “unprofessional and dishonorable manner that is likely to deceive, defraud or injure the public”. See the link above to view the entire complaint document. Shrout has the opportunity to dispute this complaint but it is another black mark against a clinic repeated charged with unethical and unprofessional actions. So far, even despite a big expose by USA Today, Stan has dodged legal punishment.

For all stories about Burzynski and his claims of a “miracle” cure for cancer, see here.

In another interesting development, Burzynski’s long-time solicitor withdrew from the current case against Dr. B. Richard Jaffe, Esq. of California, announce he was withdrawing “for reasons which should be left unexplained” in a motion dated July 23, 2015.
Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.21.22 PMWhat happens with this complaint and the scheduled hearing in mid-November should be interesting.

Is the house of cards finally toppling for Stan?

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  3 comments for “Complaints against Burzynski Clinic now at 5 individuals

  1. August 3, 2015 at 8:45 AM

    That’s awfully generous of the Texas Medical Board – citing the person for failing to document who the healthcare provider was, and so in turn giving the impression that she WAS the healthcare provider. I would submit that she actually DID document herself as the healthcare provider, knowing what I do about medical record documentation and how it is written.

    Documentation is written in 3rd person – “Patient presented as (describe symptoms), and this (doctor, nurse, PA, etc) observed (how patient looked and so on).” She wouldn’t have written “I”, and unless she mentioned someone else by name who saw the patient (and why would she? the person who actually sees the patient is the one who is supposed to write the note), she would have had to refer to herself as her position as a healthcare provider.

    I hope all these people get in massive amounts of trouble.

  2. Brett
    August 18, 2015 at 2:53 PM

    She should have a collaborative physician. Who else would it be?

    I’m confused. Burzynski doesn’t claim to cure cancer. I read the documents for the past several years, he never said that he cures all cancers. He was conducting a clinical trials, and he modified the outcome measures of the MRI, and the FDA disapproved, but let him continue the trial.

    Please let me know where he claimed to be able to cure all cancer or always cure any cancer because I have never seen it.

    Best regards,

  3. August 18, 2015 at 7:43 PM

    You are not paying attention. And you are constructing straw men. He did claim to have a high rate of curing a certain cancer. In no case did we claim he said he cures all cancers or any cancer all the time. Strawmanning is the sign of a crappy argument.

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