Blessing scam alert in Vancouver

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Vancouver Police say there may be more victims of a blessing scam or evil spirit scam that has robbed people of significant amounts of cash and jewellery.Three women have now been arrested in connection with the scam, which came under investigation on July 8.The Vancouver Police Financial Crime Unit began the investigation into a group of women believed to be involved in the scam, which typically targets elderly Asian women.

Source: 3 women arrested in blessing scam to rid people of evil spirits

The women are played for a bait and switch that capitalizes on the trust of their fellow Asians and ingrained cultural superstitions. Some people are so embarrassed by the victimization that they do not tell police and the perpetrators steal again. Local officials are trying their best to warn women but face the power of belief in evil spirits.

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  2 comments for “Blessing scam alert in Vancouver

  1. eddi
    September 1, 2015 at 3:44 AM

    In the less PC days of my youth known as the Gypsy Switch. Hand over your packaged valuables to be blessed and a little sleight of hand trades them for trash. The victim is told not to open the package for 24 or so hours to give the grifter time to get out of town. The package is marked and sealed so there is no way you could tamper with the contents without revealing the tampering. Or so it looks.

  2. busterggi (Bob Jase)
    September 1, 2015 at 2:39 PM

    Blessing scam? Have officials checked the churches lately?

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