Acupuncture clinic violations show the risk clearly isn’t worth it

If you must find a way to shutter up acupuncture clinics, this is a good start. Show they are unsafe.

Ottawa Public Health has ordered a Wellington Street West acupuncture clinic to shut down immediately after failing two inspections within a week.

Source: New Acupuncture Clinic closed by Ottawa Public Health – Ottawa – CBC News

The Ontario College of Traditional Medicine and Acupuncturists is trying to permanently close a Wellington Street West acupuncture clinic that it alleges has been operating illegally since 2013.

Ottawa Public Health ordered the New Acupuncture Clinic at 1340 Wellington St. W. to close its doors on Wednesday after its inspectors found the clinic failed to properly dispose of needles, had improper hand hygiene and used expired products, according to a city media release issued Friday.

It’s just a touch bizarre that a clinic is cited and closed not because evidence shows that this modality works no better than a placebo and, thus, is a sham treatment, but hygiene violations. However, it does make a brilliant point that the risk FAR outweighs the benefit (none) when there is a threat of infection or illness.

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  1 comment for “Acupuncture clinic violations show the risk clearly isn’t worth it

  1. GrahamH
    August 3, 2015 at 11:16 PM

    Shades of Al Capone and tax laws.
    As long as it works to get them shut down, great.
    Alternately, bringing them up to requirements in terms of hygiene is likely to cost a little more fiscally and in time.
    That may lead to more closures as it costs more to run the business.

    Add to that, if people become aware of the poor standards these chop shops, that may promote insurance claims against them. Higher insurance premiums, means either higher rates or higher turnover of clients. The latter could them impact the placebo effect as they spend less time with a given client.
    All small stuff, but everything added together could make a difference.

    Elephant and small bite
    Long road, first step.

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