Gibson’s untrue claims about cancer could have killed people

Last Spring, it was revealed by Australian media that Belle Gibson’s story about cancer recovery through diet and alternative lifestyle was a hoax. The celebrity author’s publisher Penguin admitted it did not fact check her claims about being diagnosed with terminal malignant brain cancer in 2009 and then having a seemingly miraculous recovery by rejecting conventional medicine.

The hazard of such false claims is evident in this story of a woman who took Gibson’s advice.

Aussie mum Kylie Willey reveals how the fraudulent health guru’s lies could have been fatal.

Source: Belle Gibson Almost Killed Me: Kylie Willey s Story

‘She looked amazing! So beautiful, healthy – all by refusing chemo. I felt like I’d made such a mistake listening to the doctors. What if I’d been sucked in by a big pharmaceutical conspiracy?’ the 40-year-old recalls.

Belle’s story had a profound effect on the struggling mum, who decided to stop her cancer treatment after reading up on Belle’s materials and story.

‘If Belle could do it, and her cancer seemed as bad as mine, then I could – so I refused chemo,’ Kylie says.

Gibson’s holistic health advice, which she was unqualified to provide included yoga, meditation, colonics, oxygen therapy, craniosacral therapy, herbalism, and a diet free of dairy, gluten, preservatives, refined sugars, and GMOs. As Bo Gardiner writes: were there other “Kylie Willeys in the world, not all of whom may have been so fortunate”?

Gibson maintained that she was not the deceiver but was herself deceived which sounds like a cheap excuse to bail out of an extremely despicable situation. She had been caught with other health-related exaggerations. She continues by saying that her illness was “her reality”. Well, the reality is, Gibson is a public menace that should never be trusted.

And, we can also say that using alternative treatments instead of conventional cancer treatments is also totally bullshit.