Psychic detective sought out to help find missing Idaho woman with dementia

Jacque Grider, a 69 year old woman with dementia, went missing after a regular walk. The family has enlisted the help of a psychic to find her.

Psychic working with family to find woman with dementia.

“It was June 1 when she went for a walk and never came back,” Buzz Grider, her stepson, said Tuesday from Bakersfield, Calif. “It’s like aliens abducted her or something. There’s no clues.”

Enter Carmen Murray, an 82-year-old psychic detective from Spokane Valley.

Buzz Grider said that Murray has a “good track record.”

“I saw her,” Murray said Tuesday. “She’s scared, she’s terribly, terribly afraid.”

Murray says that Grider’s mental situation is hampering her ability to connect with her and get information.”When people don’t know where they are they can’t tell you anything,” Murray said. But Murray believes she was abducted is probably now dead.

Notice that Murray throws out TWO theories about what has happened to Grider without anything to back up those claims, but the seem rather safe bets to use.

When a person has dementia it doesn’t matter much how well known they are to the locals or if they’ve lived in a place for decades, they can get disoriented. It is however unlikely they’ll find Jacque Grider alive, as she has been missing for three weeks now.

Murray who is also an artist, does psychic readings and healing and says she learned shaman teachings from her father and grandmother at a young age in Texas. I never saw her mentioned as an extraordinary healer or psychic so she must not have impressed too many people. While Murray calls herself a psychic detective and Grider’s husband was told “she never misses”, neither characteristic is plausible. Psychics claim successful hits with the flimsiest of connections. No authorities use or employ psychics to find people or solve crimes.

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  3 comments for “Psychic detective sought out to help find missing Idaho woman with dementia

  1. Stephanie
    June 24, 2015 at 6:52 PM

    It makes me sick to think of the burden this ‘psychic’ is adding to the family’s lives by telling them she is scared and abducted and probably dead. Nice. Really nice. Here, I’ll play psychic too – They will eventually find she wandered until she got tired, hugry and thirsty, laid down under a tree to rest, and succumbed to hypothermia. That’s just my educated guess based on the last few similar cases around here. If they find her that way, I expect my psychic career will be taking off!

  2. Headless Unicorn Guy
    June 25, 2015 at 12:38 AM

    It’s desperation on the family’s part.

  3. Omxqru
    June 25, 2015 at 4:55 PM

    Ohhhhhm. Gonna guess Bigfoot.

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