When the clairvoyant is the suspect in a murder

46-year-old Kelly Brennan was found murdered in Florida. Her friend, Sheila Trott, is suspected of brutally murdering and dumping Brennan’s body. Sheila came home after a four-hour trip to “Walmart” acting strangely. That night, she had a dream her friend was hurt. Sheila had a nervous breakdown and thought she killed Kelly in a jealous rage.

A Vision of Murder – CBS News.

Sheila Trott, a mother of two living in central Florida, says she was awakened one night in 2010 by a horrific dream.

“I don’t know if it was a dream or a memory or what … but I woke up and it just startled me.” she told Van Sant. I said, ‘I’m worried about Kelly, I think Kelly’s hurt.’ … “Everything was black …She was arguing with somebody and I saw the sign for Marks Landing…”

“She’s making some statements … ‘I believe I hurt someone, I keep seeing Kelly’s face’ … to the point that the Indialantic Police believe, ‘We may have a homicide on our hands,'” said [detective] Goodyear.

Then, detectives put two and two together.

As the trial finally begins in September of 2014, investigators believe they’ve built a strong — but admittedly circumstantial – case, beginning with that bizarre dream.

With her sons testifying for the prosecution, Sheila Trott was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder and sentences to a life in prison.

Detectives had always believed she confused a clairvoyant dream with the actual event. Oddly, there is more psychic vibes to this story as the TV show “48 Hours” reported on the event several years ago.

A California woman named Annette Martin said she had “unique psychic powers” for decades. In 1997, Martin was approached by Roberta Hauser, who was part of a search and rescue team looking for a 71-year-old man who disappeared from his home.

Shortly after asking for her services, Martin was able to point out on a map where the man was. His corpse was found at that very spot, according to Hauser.

This is not confirmed, as these cases typically go. The impressive story is told after the body is found and there is no support for the psychic saying anything that directly leads to the solving of the case but it is more obviously a case of using good existing evidence and reasoning to find the body.

In most cases, psychics are a giant fail. In some cases, they get lucky and take credit. There remains NO case where psychics were documented to be the key to solving a difficult case. Unless, that is, they actual did it.

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  1. May 4, 2015 at 8:14 PM

    If I recall correctly, former FBI profiler John Douglas once wrote that if someone approached him with exceptional knowledge of the details of a crime, he’d consider that person a suspect rather than a psychic.

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