Enfield poltergeist set plagued by… fickle camera – OOOHH scary

Let’s make a bit more publicity for this showing, shall we? Enfeld poltergeist filming hyped with haunts.

TV stars left terrified after a ghost wreaks havoc with the set of a new poltergeist drama – Daily Record.

Sounds scary! But it’s not. This article contains pretty much ZERO evidence of anything “wreaking havoc”. This is a shameful attempt by the media, and possibly the actors to garner more publicity for this program.

STARS of a poltergeist drama have been left terrified by a ghost on set.

The Enfield Haunting looks at the real-life story of the Hodgson family who were targeted by an evil force which possessed their 11-year-old daughter Janet.

Executive producer Jamie Campbell revealed: “Every time our photographer came on set his camera broke. It annoyed him, but terrified the rest of us.”

Oscar-nominated actor Timothy Spall plays paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse in the Sky Living drama, had to listen to the original tapes of the malevolent spirit talking through 11-year-old Janet, and the experience left him shaken.

He admitted to the Star: “It frightened me to death.”

Oh really? He’s still alive and this is the first we’ve all heard of such scary camera malfunctions. Do they not occur on other sets. Seriously, this is ALL that was listed in the article as being scary which in no way is support for such a ridiculous headline.

The “curse” or haunting of some paranormal movie shootings is trite and unimpressive. There is the Poltergeist “curse” and the rumors surrounding The Exorcist which were similar. Of course the Amityville Horror set was plagued even though it wasn’t even the same house. Go figure.

Anything bad that happens to the cast or crew during some filming is often attributed to some curse or ghost. The Omen, The Crow, Rosemary’s Baby, and Twilight Zone are examples of that.

  3 comments for “Enfield poltergeist set plagued by… fickle camera – OOOHH scary

  1. G
    May 3, 2015 at 11:18 PM

    It scared him to death? And he’s still not only talking, but giving interviews? Sounds like very solid evidence of a ghost on the set, then.

  2. Rich
    May 4, 2015 at 9:34 AM

    Ah, god, I saw the trailer for this on TV yesterday (“based on real events”) and I groaned out loud in anticipation of the wave of bullsh!t it would bring sluicing around in its wake… and here it comes.

    Cameras, eh? They provide solid evidence of poltergeists or they don’t work when there are evil spirits around. One, or both, or whatever.

  3. WMcCreery
    May 4, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    Maybe his camera was garbage?

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