Doubtful News TAM Educator Grants

Your Doubtful News editors, Sharon and Torkel, will be at The Amazing Meeting TAM 13 from July 16-19, 2015 taking place in Las Vegas, NV. We want to help educators get there too!

UPDATE (6-June 2015) We made it a bit easier for five educators to attend TAM! See below.


UPDATE: 19-May 2015 Four grants awarded so far; see below

Teachers and professors hold the key to introducing students to the concepts of critical thinking and how to be skeptical. We fully support efforts in science appreciation and teaching evidence-based reasoning in the classroom. This makes a difference!

We realize that new teachers and professors may only have small salaries to support themselves and their families but would greatly benefit from the incredible ideas and networking opportunities available at TAM. So, DN is launching the Doubtful News TAM Grants for Educators campaign to defray the cost for attending this big event.


Your donations to the fund is essential. All funds earmarked for the grants will be used towards registration for qualified applicants who also demonstrate they can attend the event.*

Lithospherica, LLC (owner of Doubtful News) will also contribute toward the funds to support attendees.


Your contribution of $30 or more will net you one of the handiest things ever – a foldaway shopping tote with the Doubtful News logo.


These durable bags last for years, way longer than those from the grocery store. In seconds, compact the bag into its drawstring pouch and throw it in your purse or car for easy retrieval the next time you are at the store, library, wine shop, or just need a handy transport mechanism. Impress the cashier when you materialize your own bag like magic from this little pouch and bypass those nasty plastic bags. Not that anecdotes are reliable, but trust me on this one, you will get comments on this nifty bag.


Use PAY PAL here – include “TAM Grant” in the notes so we know to use it only for that. You can use a credit card via Pay Pal as well. If you wish to donate via check or money order, contact to pledge and obtain the mailing address. Any donations over $30 should include a name/address for delivery of the gift bag.

Do a good deed for today! All contributors will be listed in a Thank You (unless you specify otherwise)APPLY FOR A GRANT

To apply to receive complimentary registration (Basic – includes meals Budget plus two meal tickets), send an email to the DN editor with a justification and your qualifications as an educator. Providing an .edu or school email address is appreciated. Your request should not be long but to the point. Supply examples of previous work or your ideas to promote skeptical thinking. Financial reasons are also considered. If you would like to request a grant for something OTHER THAN Basic registration, please provide justification to be considered.

EMAIL:  (You will receive a confirmation that we have received your request. If you don’t get a confirmation within 3 days, please resend.)

If we can supply the grant to you, we will ask that you confirm your intent and ability to attend the event. We will also ask if we can release your name as a recipient.


The campaign will end June 5 so send in your email or contribution TODAY.

* We’re sorry that the donations are NOT tax deductible since we are not a registered non-profit. But we can provide full disclosure on the funds received and those awarded. As always, your contributions of support are so greatly appreciated. They keep DN going.


  • Anthony Scott Barnhart – N. Arizona U heading to Carthage College, Kenosha, WI
  • Lana Strong – Elementary teacher in Las Vegas, NV
  • Shar Mayer – Knotts Berry Farm education department
  • Sidra Van De Car – Professor, Valencia College, Orlando FL
  • Jim Veihdeffer – Adjunct faculty, Glendale Community College


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  1. May 18, 2015 at 5:37 PM

    Note: the Bags will be green, not black.

    We are well on our way. Four applicants funded already!

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