There is seldom screaming or yelling at the haunted artifacts museum

John Zaffis, the “Haunted Collector” gets approval for a new museum in New York. It’s another spoke in the wheel of the rolling cash cow of paranormal tourism.

Adams Planners OK Haunted Artifacts Museum Site Plan

Paranormal researcher John Zaffis’ site plan for his Paranormal Artifact Museum has received approval from the Planning Board.

Paranormal researcher and host of Syfy show “Haunted Collector” met with the Planning Board on Monday night to go over the site plan of his proposed museum in the old McBride Funeral Home.

The Liberty Street museum would house some of the haunted artifacts he has removed from various locations throughout his more than 40 years of paranormal investigating. He added he also plans to host lectures, ghost hunts and weddings.

John is a self-proclaimed demonologist and the nephew of infamous American paranormalists Ed and Lorraine Warren. John had a TV show on Syfy channel for 3 seasons called The Haunted Collector where his group went into supposedly haunted locations and removed trigger objects. The worst criticism of the show, besides that it has a baseless idea, was that valuable objects such as antiques and artifacts were removed by John under the premise they were dangerously haunted. Now HE has them. How convenient. John is a nice guy and has made a good living, it seems, at this unconventional career, but the paranormal thinking here is irrational and very silly. It would be easy to test such objects but truth and testing is not the goal – belief in a paranormal world is the goal. There will surely be plenty of visiting fans to this coming establishment to view the mishmash collection of stuff with manufactured supernatural value. It will make for a popular Halloween destination for the unskeptical.

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  4 comments for “There is seldom screaming or yelling at the haunted artifacts museum

  1. Rook
    March 25, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    Essentially, the SyFy Channel is enabling this scam artist. Entertainment is one thing, but taking advantage of the “rationally challenged” by defrauding them of their valuables goes too far.

  2. busterggi (Bob Jase)
    March 26, 2015 at 8:26 AM

    I dunno about Zaffis but his two assistants in the photo are clearly qualified paranormalists.

  3. lurch
    March 26, 2015 at 8:42 AM

    It would be great if that lady who is being haunted by the ghost of her dead brother could sell the famous moving cup and spinning spoon in her famous videos to this man for display in his museum. Maybe he can film the episode buying the swinging chandelier for thrilling visitors who go to the haunted house of possessed possessions. He could get a great addition to his collection and another episode of his haunted collecting. Better still, if he can raise the money, he might be able to get her to work in his museum as a tour guide and even assist in weddings if things are slow. Lucky visitors might get to see an earring get pulled, if he can manage to get the other one to pull the nylon thread a job there, too.

    Who wouldn’t love to attend a museum with a UK native speaker? Culture, class, education and entertainment all in one go.

  4. EKD
    May 20, 2015 at 9:04 AM

    The more I watch this show the more I disbelieve. I have seen him take some very expensive items from people. John seems to be the only paranormal investigator that says that items are haunted and dangerous. Why not cleanse/purify the family treasures if this is a belief. When John gets the items in his possession he dumps salt on them-unceremoniously. Really? The more I see, the more I think, the more the words scam artist comes to mind.

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