Bad spirits raised after health care home calls in an exorcist

Seriously, NOT a good move.

Norway care home hired psychic for exorcism.

A municipal care home in Norway has been slammed for “poor judgement” after managers hired a clairvoyant to drive out evil spirits because staff were spooked by random flickering lights.

Lasse Svenstrup Andersen, an official from the local Agder County governor’s office, ruled in a report this week that the care home’s management should not have arranged the exorcism and should anyway have informed the home’s staff, residents and their families beforehand.

Staff at Madshaven residential care home, a home for the mentally disabled in Agder county, southern Norway, brought in Bent Egil Albrechtsen, a self-professed clairvoyant, in November last year.

A group of Christian staff opposed to such occult practices then complained to the local municipality. According to Albrechtsen, the unusual spirit activity endured by workers at the facility has only worsened since he was forced to end his exorcism prematurely.

Albrechtsen claims that it was a “fact” that about 50% of the staff has been possessed by spirits because the building is ridden with bad energy and spirits. He says cosmic radiation lines that also go through the local cemetery is a contributing factor to the bad energy and the odd things employees have been seeing. (What, like a spirit subway line?) Reports supposedly include objects seemingly moving on their own, flickering lights, etc. If your lights are flickering, might I suggest calling an electrician first.

The silly psychic claimed there were too many spirits, he couldn’t get rid of them all. So things are now worse. Oh, nice excuse. Not only is this utter nonsense but if you believe in such superstition, he was a bad choice anyway!