Beach loses all its sand, regains it the next day

Very dramatic.

Cornish beach is washed away overnight… then reappears.

A British beach which was stripped of all its sand overnight by a freak high tide for the first time in living memory, has miraculously been restored.

Overnight on Wednesday a severe high tide removed all the sand – leaving it a rocky not sandy beach.

An oceanographer from Porthleven, Alan Jorgensen, said that he has never seen the level of sand so low in all his years in the village.

Councillor Andrew Wallis said: “The beach has never had this little sand in living memory.
“This area is quite prone to long shire drift and sometimes it is more extreme than others. This time was definitely on the more extreme side.”

Mr Wallis, who lives around the corner from the beach, said that the beach returned “completely naturally” confirming that “Mother Nature” put the sand back, not the council.

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The sand was removed down to the bedrock. The next tide brought the sand back. Strange but not unheard of. Beach erosion can be dramatic. Beaches are constantly moving and evolving. They are not stable and they are at the whims of tides and storms.

  3 comments for “Beach loses all its sand, regains it the next day

  1. Bill T.
    January 28, 2015 at 11:36 AM

    I tried to find a bit wider-angle shot of the “after” to see if there hadn’t been sand dumped around the base of the walk, no success.

    Some of the details in the shot appear to suggest artificial replacement, but not enough info to really decide. I remain undecided.

  2. Bernie Pettersen
    March 6, 2015 at 2:29 PM

    Ok, so… In hope to help you decide, The UK Daily Mail newspaper ran this story with the two SWNS images along with 11 others, many with the beach covered in sand … The whole length of the beach. One image shows a good length of the beach with a large house on the cliff side. This image was taken from near the area where the steps are. There is also a picture of two youngsters pulling their pushbikes up the cliff side as a couple walks their dog. This location is at the very opposite length of the sand covered beach; these sand covered pictures where taken on the same day; in fact within one tide, actually… all within A space of less than two hours ! How do I know this….? Well, check who took the sand covered beach pics…! It’s good to be inquisitive and question things, I Hope this answers any of your doubts…. Signed … Bernie Pettersen.

  3. Bernie Pettersen
    March 6, 2015 at 2:41 PM

    Bill T, to help further: if you visit the Mirror online UK newspaper :

    If you view the galley you will be able to obtain the wider view that you were looking for with the second image in this series. Bill, if you look at the second image you can make out ‘Blue Bouy’ steps ( the ramp) it’s just yo the bottom right of the Clock Tower building.

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