The Strange Remains the Same for 11 November 2014

I’m A Celebrity 2014: Chris Packham criticises ‘repugnant’ treatment of animals on ITV show – The Independent.

Paranormal playground at the Everson Museum of Art.

“Expedition Unknown” Series Premiere with Josh Gates | Ghost TV Blogs.

NeuroLogica Blog » Glenn Beck’s Medical Narrative.

Reiki propaganda in U.S. News & World Report – Respectful Insolence.

McDonald’s Customer Arrested In ‘Bogus’ Coffee Burn Photos « CBS Los Angeles.

Mom, why is the ‘MythBusters’ guy working for McDonald’s now? (+video) –

Lyrebird – now with STAR WARS ACTION sounds!


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  1. Ronald H. Pine
    November 12, 2014 at 12:40 PM

    The male Superb Lyrebird can imitate an incredible variety of sounds, including songs of other bird species and human-generated sounds as well, including those made by various machines and musical instuments (with tunes the lyrebirds may have heard). There are other recordings online which are also well worth listening to. The decorative tail feathers on this male are shorter than on adult males that I have seen and may not have grown out fully yet.

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