Alternative advice leads to death in Norway

30 days in jail for this quack.

Sham healer jailed for harming cancer victim.

A 70-year-old self-confessed alternative medicine man has been jailed in Norway after he gave misleading and illegal advice to a terminally cancer patient, it was revealed on Thursday.

The man was sentenced to 30 days in jail by Inntrøndelag district court after being found guilty of advising a seriously ill cancer patient to come off chemotherapy. He will serve the sentence on probabtion (sic).

The court said the woman’s life would probably have been prolonged if she continued with chemotherapy. The judge acknowledged the woman expressed a clear wish of being treated only by the healer.

According to NRK*, the woman’s doctor had told her to start chemotherapy, however the healer had advised her to try alternative treatment instead, which the woman agreed to.

In Norway, only professional health practitioners are allowed to treat fatal illnesses, such as cancer. It’s only with explicit cooperation and approval of one’s medical doctor that healers and alternative treatment facilities are allowed to help with the treatment.

The patient paid the healer 50,000NOK (approx. $7500) and the family of the deceased are now asking for a refund. But the judge concluded that there wasn’t sufficient evidence that the healer had exploited the woman financially and he therefore doesn’t have to pay them back. The woman and the healer also both claim that the money she paid him was actually a loan she was repaying him for.

*Link is to the original Norwegian story from NRK.

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  1. Race Bannon
    November 21, 2014 at 10:15 PM

    It’s hard to imagine what facing a potentially end-of-life decision is like. Any major decision made while one has a potentially-fatal condition must feel like a momentous thing. Like what might be a final act of office as a living being. It must feel like a gripping at the few last straws that remain, soon to be blown away like simple carefree thoughts on a breezy day.

    The thought of someone potentially taking advantage of people in a vulnerable, grasping at straws state of mind is really sickening.

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