River woes as mystery spills pollute water

A giant wave of foam overtakes the River Lea in London while unidentified brown “gunk” affects an Ohio river making locals nervous.

A wall of suds appeared on the River Lea. Authorities have not been able to figure out how it developed.

Huge mass of foam floats down River Lea in north-east London – News – London Evening Standard.

The huge white mass, which was up to 10ft deep in places, travelled down the river before spilling over the weir at Lea Bridge Road, near Hackney Marsh.

The pollution is thought to be down to a detergent spillage somewhere along the river, but officials from the Environment Agency have so far been unable to determine the source of the problem.

The wind then took clouds of foam out of the river valley across the land. It caused concern to bubble up.
bubbles of foam

Authorities say the foam has dissipated now but a detergent spill can be fatal to insects and other wildlife, inhibiting their respiration, as well as killing useful bacteria.

In Ohio, an oil-like substance on the surface of the river sparked fears of an oil spill. Tests have ruled out petroleum products. So what is it?

Mystery gunk found floating in Muskingum River | The Columbus Dispatch.

Tests ruled out oil or other petroleum products, said Bo Keck, director of the Muskingum County Emergency Management Agency.

“We really don’t know what it is,” Keck said last night as he was about to leave Zanesville’s Riverside Park. The substance was not threatening wildlife or water supplies, he said.

How do they know it’s not threatening wildlife if they don’t know what it is? After oil spill, the next thing people assume is that it’s related to fracking – high pressure injection into the ground to prepare for extracting natural gas. There is currently no evidence that fracking is related to this incident. But the state environmental protection agency needs a chance to look into it. Let them do their job. Not enough information is given in the news stories to guess at what it may be. However, if it was sewage or a chemical, there would likely be a smell. That is not mentioned.

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  1. busterggi
    September 15, 2014 at 3:48 PM

    So we’ve gone from globsters to fluffballs. Who says there is no progress in cryptozoology?

  2. MisterNeutron
    September 16, 2014 at 9:19 AM

    I’m surprised no one else has recognized the source of these large, white balls of fluff. These are clearly some of Monty Python’s alien blancmanges. And they mean to win Wimbledon. Be afraid.

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