It’s not magically harmonized water – just snake oil

From the company who brought you nonsensical “drinkable sunscreen” comes more pseudoscience: “harmonized water”. They claim it is done with newfangled technology and mystery waves that people didn’t learn about in school and that their products are able to produce beneficial effects.

Firm denies quackery claims.

A New Zealand company selling bottles of water it claims can help medical conditions has been accused of quackery and false advertising.

Osmosis Skincare sells “harmonised water” which it recommends for several health issues, including acne, arthritis and mosquito protection, at $59 a bottle.

But company general manager Kay Roby said the product was “not just water” and has been “imprinted” with frequencies which “harmonise internal balances” in the body. It was developed by an American doctor and company founder, Ben Johnson.

Osmosis removed the specific claims from its website but other health claims about harmonised water remain.

Mark Hanna, from the Society for Science Based Healthcare, laid the ASA complaint.

“This literally is just water,” he said. “They run it through some sort of machine and use some jargon about scalar waves or something. It’s gibberish.

“If you take it it is not going to hurt you, but if you take it for something it’s not going to help either, which is dangerous.”

Mark Hanna tells Doubtful News they’ve removed the upheld complaint about drinkable sunscreen from their website, but they’re still selling several “harmonized water” products. The SSBH may take further action against them regarding the products. As Dr. Steven Novella wrote:

If the claims being made by this company were true, then the “founder and formulator” Dr. Ben Johnson would be up for several Nobel Prizes, in physics, chemistry, and medicine.

It’s a huge red flag when a company claims to have made a remarkable breakthrough, especially when their claims require several remarkable breakthroughs simultaneously.

Scalar waves are said to be a type of electromagnetic wave that works outside physics as we know it. Such waves have never been observed so I’m not clear how you can apply it to water. But their website says they “imprint frequencies (as standing waves) onto water molecules.” That makes no sense. And even if it DID, how does that cure disease?

If such an incredible claim is made, you’d better have some absolutely incredible study results to back it up. The company’s general manager says “A lot of people make judgments because they don’t know anything about it or they haven’t really looked into the science.”

Some of us ARE familiar with the science… of snake oil selling. Harmonized water is patently ridiculous. We applaud Hanna and the SSBH and Dr. Novella for filing complaints about such products.

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  1. Peter Robinson
    September 26, 2014 at 2:34 PM

    Ben Johnson, a latter day Samuel Hahnemann?

  2. Chris Howard
    September 27, 2014 at 8:57 PM

    The picture makes me both want to, and not want to, drink the water.

    I’m pretty sure you’d trip balls if you drank that stuff…

    Wait. It in no way looks like the picture you posted. I’d drink it, then.

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