Some in Sierra Leone ignorant or in denial about Ebola

Another unfortunate use of the common term “skeptics”. These people have limited understanding and information and fed by the current poor situation regarding health care and transparency among other social issues, they are denying that ebola is a serious problem.

Skeptics In Sierra Leone Doubt Ebola Virus Exists : Goats and Soda : NPR.

Opinions are mixed, but there’s a strong dose of Ebola deniers — those who don’t believe the virus exists at all. Zainab Koroma, a street hawker, is adamant it isn’t real.

“I do not believe Ebola exists because none of my family members has been affected by it,” she says. “When you get sick of cholera, they say it is Ebola. When your body temperature rises, they say it is Ebola. So I honestly don’t believe Ebola exists. There could be a lot of other diseases killing people.”

Family members are hiding their sick relatives or taking them out of hospitals. Ignorance CAN kill you and others around you.

Sierra Leone has had approx 300 deaths due to the Ebola virus, according to the WHO.

We had an earlier story about other misinformation regarding ebola. What’s the solution? Modernization of the health care and education systems in these countries. That is not something that may happen even in our lifetimes.

Tip for journalists, it’s preferrable to NOT use the term “skeptic” when people are ignorant or in denial of current information. A skeptic is a good thing – it means to use evidence and scientific tools to help assess a claim. That is certainly NOT the case here.

Media Guide to Skepticism

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  1. Dubious f
    August 9, 2014 at 6:01 PM

    According to international standards, Sierra Leone has a population of 66% of illiterates. This number is damning because if you don’t read, your knowledge is from what people tell you! And those people are also illiterate as well, I have to assume ( to a 66% certainty ) that virus is not a common knowledge. Add questionable religion, and a proto-medical system and we have a big mess on our hands :(( one of the 54 countries in Africa that somehow have the same problem: no guiding line and a government forced to ignore their misery…

  2. Dubious f
    August 17, 2014 at 5:59 PM

    And THAT is how an outbreak starts out of control:

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