Italian politician shows his true colors, calls on the Pope for an exorcism

What the *&@#$? This guy is really messed up! And quite the drama actor.

First, he makes a racist remark, then he apologizes but continues the racism and mindless superstitious thoughts by assuming he’s been cursed. Maybe he is having bad luck because you make your own luck via really awful personal behavior?

Italian politician claims he has been ‘cursed’ after orang-utan remark.

A senior Italian politician who compared a black minister to an orang-utan has now said he is considering asking the Pope to recommend an exorcist to fight off the curse he claims the minister’s father has placed on him.

Roberto Calderoli, a former minister with the anti-immigration Northern League party, caused outrage last year when he said Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black minister, reminded him of an orang-utan. He is now facing prosecution for his remarks.

At a ceremony last year attended by Miss Kyenge’s father, Clement Kikoko Kyenge, in his home village, a prayer was said in which God was asked to free Mr Calderoli from evil thoughts. A photo of Mr Calderoli was then placed before an altar dedicated to the ancestors of the village, and the same request made.

Calderoli says he then had a series of unfortunate events – several operations, the death of his mother, two broken fingers and two broken veterbrae. He blames this on a curse. Kyenge’s father denies a curse. And so what if a curse was put on him? Curses are self-fulfilling prophecy. I hate to break this to Calderoli. But there is no difference in races, we are all humans and equal. And there are no such thing as supernatural curses. A shame you have to treat a politician like such a backwards simpleton. Oops, did I make a bigoted remark? I suppose he will send a pox on me.

Roberto Calderoli, cursed man after racial insults. Photo credit: Alamy

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  3 comments for “Italian politician shows his true colors, calls on the Pope for an exorcism

  1. Tom
    August 29, 2014 at 1:00 AM

    Obviously, Mr Calderoli thinks that this farce will appeal to the more superstitious in the population. The implication that the family of Ms Kyenge practice voodoo is yet another insult to their race and should go down well in the gutter press.
    But more importantly is the Pope up to the job?

  2. Molly
    August 29, 2014 at 4:22 AM

    Not really..There are actually pictures of Ms Kyenges father performing a ritual where he puts Calderoli’s picture in a termite mound. When interviewed, Mr Kyenge says he was only “praying for” Calderoli. More like “against him”. You make a good point though…in this case, his bad behaviour started it.

  3. busterggi
    August 29, 2014 at 8:34 AM

    Responsibility for on’es actions? Forget about it!

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