Some people want their house haunted

While some people may steer clear from “stigmatized properties,” others are drawn to them. This piece tells of a realtor who gets a flood of offers based on the “haunted” selling points.

Buyers Are Dying to Live in Haunted Houses |

“There are buyers out there that think it’s cool to own a home that may have ghosts,” real estate agent Cindi Hagley told ABC News’ 20/20.

Based in California, Hagley runs Past Life Homes, specializing in the selling of so-called “stigmatized properties,” and that includes haunted houses.

“Right now we are in a seller’s market in almost all of northern California,” Hagley said. “You can have a dead body swinging from the chandelier, and I’m still going to have ten offers on the phone.”

In California, it appears, the realtor is required to tell prospective buyers if the home has a known “paranormal” problem. That’s sort of a problem in itself. The reputation may be something very different from the reality of the issue (which could be electrical, vermin, structural, etc.). According the National Association of Realtors, about half of all states have laws regulating their sales of “stigmatized properties”. Disclosure would include murders, suicides, residents that had certain diseases who died there, drug manufacturing, sex crimes.

She also calls in a paranormal team to tell any less than friendly ghost to leave. Yes, it’s a bunch of metaphysical nonsense but the idea is mostly psychologically comforting. Some people find the idea of a haunted house intriguing (Like me! I want to see your evidence.) and some not so much. Some may see a personal or economic opportunity in haunted real estate. It seems very much a personal preference whether you like your houses with character or not so much.

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  4 comments for “Some people want their house haunted

  1. spookyparadigm
    July 10, 2014 at 5:08 PM

    “She also calls in a paranormal team to tell any less than friendly ghost to leave.”

    Walter Peck was wrong back in ’84, but today he’s actually on target.

  2. Haldurson
    July 11, 2014 at 2:07 AM

    If you buy a house that’s supposed to be haunted, but it turns out it just has mice, can you sue?

  3. LunusLovesGreat
    July 11, 2014 at 8:09 AM

    Personally I’d want to know if I am about to buy a house where people had weird experiences. I don’t believe in the supernatural but who knows if there’s some sort of gas leak or some other chemical problem that might screw around with me.

  4. July 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    All this parafictional TV is making these houses seem fun.

    I stayed in a “haunted” house as a child. Though I don’t know what was really going on there, it’s not something that anybody might want. Including dirt that comes back after cleaning it, things moving around by themselves, people being ill for no reason until they left, a bathroom light that switched off by itself (and I was too young to reach the light switch).

    A “real” haunted house is not fun at all. And unlike in the movies, the only way it was similar to the popular horror movies, is the first few minutes of each family’s time in their new home in the movie… when there are subtle clues that something is not quite right. It never escalates into anything more than that.

    Furthermore, whatever you impose on the unexplained events in the house is just a matter of your own religious indoctrination. I’m pretty sure whatever the explanation is for the house I stayed in as a child, it has absolutely nothing to do with dead people returning to the world. I mean, why would they, and if they could, why only bother impressionable little children (who are scared of the dark) in the middle of the night?

    But when comes to selling houses, like anything else, a sucker is born every minute, right?

    P.S. Sorry Sharon, you can’t check out the house I mention, which I don’t own. Also it’s in South Africa. (127 Southfield Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, South Africa)

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