Psychic Kenny Kingston passed away

Psychic to the stars dies of cardiovascular disease.

Kenny Kingston dies at 87; claimed to be ‘psychic to the stars’ – Los Angeles Times.

Kenny Kingston, the self-described “psychic to the stars” who claimed numerous celebrity clients — and said that he could communicate with dead ones — died Monday at home in Studio City. He was 87.

Kingston was most widely known in the 1970s, when he appeared on national talk shows. But he got publicity long after that for his annual predictions of Academy Award winners based on messages he received from dead stars, who could presumably see the future or have access to the inner sanctums of ballot tallying firm Price Waterhouse.

The predictions were often no better than those in an office pool.

He also advertised himself as “America’s Top Psychic” and “America’s Greatest Psychic”. He was rather sure of himself.

Kingston once supposedly said, “That [being wrong] proves I’m no charlatan. They’re never wrong. I’m just a happy medium.” What a silly thing to say. But as we know, no psychic is better than chance unless they have inside information. Or they are very vague.

Kingston also said unverifiable silly things like dead celebrities rigged awards voting, Elvis Presley was studying medicine in the afterlife, and Marilyn Monroe was reunited with husband Joe DiMaggio and studying philosophy. Such odd quips to be remembered for.

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  1. Abe Carnow
    July 3, 2014 at 6:18 PM

    I used to listen to him on the talk radio shows. At least, he was amusing. He predicted rather trivial items, seemed like the Liberace of psychics.
    BTW, I predicted his death last week.
    He is now in the afterlife reading Doubtful News.

  2. July 3, 2014 at 6:39 PM

    Amazing how many psychics bill themselves as the country’s “top psychic”. Of course, this is a very easy claim for any of them to prove (or disprove if made by their competitors) – all they need is to go head to head in an objectively measured test of psychic ability.

    I wonder why they never do that?

  3. July 4, 2014 at 12:39 PM

    I guess now he will be talking to himself!

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