No ray of hope here: Crazy carcass speculation in Somerset

As these things go, overreact and tell the media before asking someone who may know the answer.

Not quite the Loch Ness monster: mysterious sea creature washes up on Somerset beach | Western Gazette.

A weird ‘sea monster’ has Somerset residents baffled after washing up on Weston-super-Mare beach.

Stunned Lisa Worthington, 42, came across the denizen of the deep while out walking the family dog with husband, Peter, 52, and their two children.

The two-foot long skeletal remains were found on the high tide mark on the North Somerset beach.

There were ridiculous ideas about what it was – lizard, swan, llama…



For some reason, they didn’t think it was fish remains (or other marine animals) which would be the logical choice. Luckily, they bagged the remains even though they stunk, obviously. The carcass was identified by experts.

‘Sea monster’ of Weston Beach identified by Seaquarium | Cheddar Valley Gazette.

David McCubbin of Seaquarium Weston said: “The thornback ray is also known as the thornback skate and the colour and patterns seen on this ray is often different depending on what part of the world it is found.

This is not an uncommon species for the area but they are not often found in quite so obvious a place half-decomposed.

somerset sea critter

It makes people look incredibly silly when they speculate about the monstrousness of animal remains on the beach. It is so very likely that this is a known and rather common animal. To label it a “sea monster” so readily is ignorant and just leads to people getting all worked up for nothing. I’d be thrilled to find any carcass on the beach. There is zero reason to speculate wildly. Try investigating instead of running to the press.

  4 comments for “No ray of hope here: Crazy carcass speculation in Somerset

  1. busterggi
    July 16, 2014 at 8:32 AM

    Spielberg goes fishing as well as hunting.

  2. Mauro Toffanin
    July 16, 2014 at 11:31 AM

    “There were ridiculous ideas about what it was – lizard, swan, llama”

    Still, the idea of an amphibian-llama is ten-orders-of-magnitude less ridiculous than the existence of BigFoot. Btw, Thornback rays are one of nature’s most fascinating creatures — llams too.

  3. Bill T.
    July 16, 2014 at 11:50 AM

    I will not allow the fact that I am totally unaware of my lack of expertise on the question inhibit me in forming an unchangeable opinion, using all efforts to change it and any contrary evidence to prove the GOVERNMENT is conspiring against me. Personnally. They got it in for me, I tell ya.

  4. Artor
    July 17, 2014 at 8:04 PM

    I have come across a carcass on the beach, and I’d be thrilled to never do it again. It was a seal, I think, but it stank so bad I didn’t want a closer look. Really, really bad. Bad like a zombie seagull vomiting up your nose bad.

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