Film crew in Cambodia says spirits plagued their work and possessed them

An extremely odd story of a film crew freaked the heck out by so-called “spirits” and claiming to be harassed and even possessed by them. Never mind the fact that it’s a FILM CREW with cameras and sound recorders, all we get is they “saw it with their own eyes”.

Uptight spirits spook tv film crew, Siem Reap Insider, Phnom Penh Post.

The producers of a new 60-episode Khmer musical TV series promoting traditional Khmer musical instruments claimed the crew and actors were bedeviled by spirits during the early part of shooting.

But when the crew arrived in Siem Reap where most of the shooting took place, some freaky things began to happen, according to the film company’s general manager Keu Vannak.

He said that the movie director and actors were frightened by a spirit that possessed some of them because they chose the wrong place to hold the prayer ceremony prior to shooting – the ceremony should have been held in Siem Reap not Kandal province.

In fact three ceremonies had to be held before the movie makers got it right and stopped getting bad vibes from cheesed off supernatural entities.

Keu Vannak and his movie director, San Pisal, didn’t give credence to ghosts and spirits, but after what happened next in Siem Reap they became firm believers.

What evidence are we given? None. Zero. Just typical ghost stories from what appears to be people who were superstitious in the first place.

They say as they were approaching a temple, a black shadow appeared, their car almost overturned. Their story. Sounds fantastic. But stories like this are the worst evidence. I’m afraid we can’t give this story a whit of credence and wonder if it was concocted for publicity purposes.

The depth of superstition from this crew seems rather extreme. In cases of film or movie crews thinking they are jinxed or bedeviled, everything that goes wrong will be attributed to supernatural powers when, in reality, things just malfunction all on their own. Believing that spirits are out to get you just enhances the anxiety and makes everything worse.

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  1. Ken C
    July 26, 2014 at 5:18 AM

    We have a local legend called ” The Black Lady Of Larkhall “. Before demolition of Broomhill House in the Clyde Valley in the late 1960s the Tonight programme hosted by Fyfe Robertson had filmed a supposed exorcism there and like the above reports of equipment failure such as cameras freezing were reported …. however …. the most sinister involves the show producer who shortly after was supposedly killed in a car smash. I say supposedly as the related stories never identifies the unfortunate individual , the location of the crash or how it occured.

  2. Peter Gomes
    July 26, 2014 at 6:41 AM

    It is a nice story… and there is a same story related to film makers when they were shooting a scene of the film, The first day of shoot whole crew feel some paranormal activity in shooting place it was a fifteen days shoot but after 3 days the team came back from that place because of Theparanormalactivity. There is many stories like this story but no body have any proof about their paranormal experience.

  3. busterggi
    July 26, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    Demons possessed a film crew and didn’t evem make a quick porno?

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