Exorcism death by water

There is not much information on this one but another example of a mistaken assumption of posession and the dangers of being in the hands of the superstitious. It’s not just Roman Catholics that practice exorcisms.

Japan woman dies at hands of professional exorcist – Yahoo!7.

Japanese police probing the death of a woman who reportedly died after being forced to a drink a lot of water, have arrested an 81-year-old professional exorcist, her younger sister and the victim’s husband.

Reports said Rie Fukuda, aged 51, was pinned down and made to swallow a large volume of water in what detectives said was an “exorcism” carried out by her husband and two elderly women.

The elderly, disabled and children are at much higher risk for dying from their families sending them to an exorcist.

The punishment in Japan can be harsh. Woman faith healer executed in Japan for exorcism deaths 

Exorcism crimes are reported around the world.

Siblings face jail for exorcism death of ill mother in Poland

Exorcism death of 2yr old in Malaysia results in jail time

Four jailed for djinn exorcism death of 21 yr old pregnant woman

Death of a child during exorcism results only in fines

Smoke-inhaling exorcism kills disabled man

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  1. busterggi
    July 5, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    Its so nice to see an exorcism victim dying from something other than being beated or starved to death, it illustrates the vast potential exorcism possesses for new ways to kill.

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