Two “updates” on MH370: A noisy something and maybe a reward will work

We posted this story a few days ago in leftovers. Was a noise recorded by sensitive oceanic equipment connected to the loss of the plane? Investigators are trying to find out.

Sound clue in hunt for MH370 : Nature News & Comment.

Researchers are exploring what may be the first promising lead in months in the search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Sensitive microphones on the ocean floor off Australia picked up a distinctive signal at about the time that the Boeing 777 aeroplane is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean. The findings, announced by Australian scientists last week, offer a rough location for the source of the sound and are being followed up by search authorities.

The signal was discovered by a team led by Alec Duncan, an underwater acoustics specialist at Curtin University’s Centre for Marine Science and Technology in Perth, Australia. It was recorded at 01:30 coordinated universal time (UTC) on 8 March; the last transmission from flight MH370, an electronic ‘handshake’ between the aircraft’s communication system and a satellite, took place at 00:19 UTC, when the plane is estimated to have run out of fuel.

The sound is like a muffled boom which could be the aircraft hitting water or it could be a small earthquake in these seismically active areas. The estimated location is not near the search area off the coast of Australia. But it’s worth investigating because the other leads have gotten nowhere.

Are the families losing faith in officials that they have to conduct the search themselves?

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Passengers’ families raising reward money – World – CBC News.

Five family members of passengers aboard the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 are trying to crowdsource $5 million US in reward money to lure a potential whistleblower with information on what happened to the plane, which disappeared in early March.

“The official investigation being run by governments and agencies has failed to find the plane, due to either incompetence or obfuscation,” the campaign’s Indiegogo page reads. “We must work together to ensure the truth is found.

You can’t really blame them. It must be unbelievably frustrating to hit dead ends every time. The money will serve as a reward for any info leading to the cause of what happened. The relatives believe it was not an accident and someone must know something.

  2 comments for “Two “updates” on MH370: A noisy something and maybe a reward will work

  1. Graham
    June 11, 2014 at 10:37 PM

    I am very wary of anyone claiming to be a ‘whistleblower’ these days, especially after watching the “Itavia Flight 870” episode of the TV series Mayday, which if it is accurate in the presentation of events shows just how a well placed conspiracy theory can override the physical evidence.

    Still it took around two years to find the wreckage of Air France 447 on the ocean floor and they had a rough idea of where the plane went down, the people looking for Malaysia Airlines 370 have very little information to go on.

  2. Anthony
    June 12, 2014 at 9:14 AM

    A very interesting article.

    I hope this leads somewhere for the sake of the poor families.

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