Remains of the weekend 14-15 June 2014

It was a lovely summery weekend and I had little desire to sit chained to my laptop (although I tried to work outside, it just doesn’t suit my eyes). So, here is a collection of remains of the weekend and a reminder that it was worth the time away from the internet… try it.

Canadian TV Psychic Sparks Furor With Hitler Comments (Audio) – The Hollywood Reporter.

Devil Dogs: The Mysterious Black Dogs of England – Modern Farmer.

Bulawayo24 NEWS | Soldier jailed over witchcraft murder.

The Bridgewater Triangle … coming to a couch near you –  The Taunton Daily Gazette.

Fossil found during New Mexico bachelor party is 10 million years old | Reuters.

“Chemtrails” Are Symptomatic of a Larger, Potentially Deadly Problem.

‘Faith Healer’ Todd Bentley Called Out as False Prophet by Man With Cerebral Palsy: Video | Christian News Network.

Why are countries still using the fake bomb detectors sold by a convicted British conman? | World news | The Guardian.

JZ Knight Pitched Pricy Investment Scam, Lied to Feds for Tax Credit – Watchdog Wire – Northwest.

Mass hysteria of sexual, satanic ritual abuse and a miscarriage of NC justice | Other Views |

Dr. Oz: World’s Best Snake Oil Salesman – The Daily Beast.

Here’s How to Prevent Fake News from Spreading on Social Media | VICE United States.

What’s the status of parapsychology? Still the same. Psi, Sci. (Sigh!) – CSI.

HUGE congratulations to DN contributor Nathan Miller and his fiancée, Meriba, who were married this weekend! May the force be with you both.

palm red

  3 comments for “Remains of the weekend 14-15 June 2014

  1. James G
    June 16, 2014 at 2:22 AM

    I love the JZ Knight story. I can’t believe she continues to get away with this stuff. I wonder if part of the problem is that when followers realize they’ve been duped, they’re too embarrassed to press the matter. It’s one thing to sell your books and seats to your shows, but taking money from your followers for bogus investments is quite another.

    I was raised in a new age family, so I’ve seen some of these people operating first hand. When I was sixteen I was sent off to one of her Ramtha day camps. She really knew how to work the crowd, and I can appreciate just how badly these people need to believe.

  2. kompani101
    June 16, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    The ‘palm read’ photo made me laugh out loud on what is a grim Monday, huge thanks!

  3. Indrid Cole
    June 16, 2014 at 9:21 AM

    Digging for fossils at the bachelor party, what a bunch of wild and crazy guys.

    And at Elephant Butt Lake…… well, at least they found the rest of it.

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