Smoke-inhaling exorcism kills disabled man

A mentally challenged man, 25, dies due to a botched exorcism in Pakistan. The ‘baba’ says it wasn’t his fault.

Demonic possession: Man dies as exorcism attempt goes up in smoke.

“It was just bad luck.” Baba Ijaz Bengali casually dismissed the death of a man who was brought to him to have his demons exorcised.

The ‘cure’ that involved making the person inhale smoke from a pot as the baba recited verses and moved an amulet ended up taking Muhammad Ghani’s life after he inhaled too much smoke. The incident has landed Ijaz in the lockup with murder charges.

“I made Ghani inhale smoke for three hours but with gaps in the middle,” he said. “He was heavily possessed by djinns and when I was curing him of them, I could hear the djinns shouting back at me, ‘meray chotay ko maar diya [you have killed one of my young ones’].”

On Monday morning, 25-year-old Ghani, who is said to be mentally challenged, was brought in chains by his father and his brother, and by afternoon, his condition deteriorated when he was made to inhale so much smoke.

Ghani’s brother, who filed the case, did not want to talk. The police felt that the family is also partly responsible for his death for their irresponsible behaviour in bringing him to a pir.

A cruel and horrible tale of superstition and ignorance on the part of the family and the “healer”. While other clients still defended the healer, the police spokesman was more vocal saying he wished the “foolishness” would stop. The brother of the deceased was the individual who filed the claim. It’s not clear but did he realize that his brother was not in need of an exorcist but medical help? He also blames his own family for their part. An investigation will take place to see exactly how the man died.

As we saw in this story, the “healer” is unrepentant and takes no responsibility.

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  1. kiljoy616
    May 10, 2014 at 1:11 AM

    I am going to be cynical and say it had the affect the family wanted.

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