Nice to think we have paranormal ‘abilities’ but that doesn’t make it true

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette prints a rosy, comforting, credulous story about paranormal and psychic beliefs and people’s search for answers.

Paranormal connections: seeking answers from the other side in Pennsylvania.

From the famous and the infamous to the conventional and the kooky, many people seek to be enriched, entertained, improved or comforted by those who claim to tap into the energy of the stars in the sky, the spirits in the room, the angels on your shoulder.

Suzanne Vincent of Butler said she believes those who dabble in the paranormal are exploring their personal sense of connection to “the other side.”

“Everybody has an ability,” she said. “You might get a vibration or a dream or a hunch or an intuition. Maybe you don’t give it much notice. But, it could be an angel or a spirit guide coming to you.”

Paranormal beliefs are often exciting or comforting thoughts. Those, like psychics, who really believe they have a special gift wish to share it with all good intentions. But the results are not all good. Psychic powers have yet to be established as genuine human potential after over a century of investigation. Many claim to help solve missing persons cases or murders but no solid case has withstood scrutiny. People who claim to have or believe in these concepts exaggerate the hits and forget the misses thus reinforcing their beliefs. Mix in there some ideas like positive healing and God and goodness and light and it all sounds very enticing.

Is it harmful to believe in angel healers and psychic mediums? Most often it does not cause too much trouble but it is really healthy to believe in nonsense, stuff that isn’t true? Of course there is an endless parade of incidents of people who have fallen into ruinous situations due to scammy psychics. Investment in supernatural agents will be a tradeoff for accepting a personal responsibility to deal with life’s troubles and tragedies.

Ms. Babkes [a “certified “health practitioner and healer”] said there’s a big part of the world — conventional people who spend most of their time doing conventional things — “who go to psychics and mediums because they’re wanting answers. Some people can get all they want from their doctors and their medications and their therapists [and their religion], but there’s a lot of people who realize that the conventional ways don’t always satisfy. For them, the mystical is that additional element that offers consolation and revelation.”

Will the paranormal give you answers? Not ones based in any reality.

  3 comments for “Nice to think we have paranormal ‘abilities’ but that doesn’t make it true

  1. May 15, 2014 at 3:53 PM

    There’s an alternative to paranormal belief that they seem to be missing. It’s called scientific literacy and reading. Lots of answers to be had there.

  2. Lee
    May 15, 2014 at 4:19 PM

    My personal sense of connection is my bull crap detector and it is wailing mighty loud at the moment…

  3. Frederick
    May 17, 2014 at 10:08 PM

    One of the weekly news paper in my town did a story about ghost hunting, the young women who did the pieces had no skepticism, The picture of the guy with “device” that look scientific, and at the end of the page the guy said ” well there’s skeptics, but they can always come along and see for themself” yeah right, and listen to you biases analysis of what is “happening”.

    Couple of month later, the same papers ( that was 1 month ago) had 2 pages on medium. The first page was about people who are medium: what they do, how they know about their “gifts”. there was one women “who has discovered her ability after predicting her grand mothers death.” Wow, well I predicted that will not win the lottery this week, I must be PSYCHIC! The second page was to best one, it was advice : How not to get screwed by false medium, and find the good and real one that are not fraud… here’s a piece of advice, all medium are fraud! Media are such the worst, it is a small newpaper, with young journalist who want to make report they like, But still, never a small piece of critical thinking. Anyway… if you want to know if your psychic :

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