It’s a festival! Rock line discovery in Peru suggest trade fairs took place.

New geoglyphs found and mapped in Peru, pushing the use of rock lines back about 200 years.

Older Than Nazca: Mysterious Rock Lines in Peru : Discovery News.

New rock lines discovered in Peru predate the famous Nazca Lines by centuries and likely once marked the site of ancient fairs, researchers say.

The lines were created by people of the Paracas, a civilization that arose around 800 B.C. in what is now Peru. The Paracas culture predated the Nazca culture, which came onto the scene around 100 B.C.

There are many similarities between Paracas and Nazca, which is the next cultural period after Paracas in South Peru. We’ve recently talked about the Paracas culture regarding their cranial manipulation. (Paracas elongated skull exposed)

The new lines are about 300 years older than the Nazca lines. Rock lines and mounds were mapped by researchers in the Chinca Valley south of Lima. Some long lines are associated with the solstices.

Andean rock lines. Photo: C. Stanish

Andean rock lines. Photo: C. Stanish

The lines are not mystical but have a straightforward interpretation, say researchers:

“If you want people to come to your trade fair, you have to point the way,” Stanish says. “These lines point straight to the ceremonial mounds on the coast where people could trade.”

Finding a straightforward explanation for the geoglyphs “finally [gets] rid of the esoteric aura which surrounded the ‘Nasca Lines’ in public perception during much of the last century,” says environmental historian Ingmar Unkel of Germany’s Kiel University.

The findings are bolstered by excavations of pottery. Radiocarbon dating nearby mounds suggest these sites were active at least 2,300 years ago.

Link to the Journal paper: A 2,300-year-old architectural and astronomical complex in the Chincha Valley, Peru.

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