Another annoying Canadian humming noise brings citizens together

We have been covering the story of the Windsor hum which was localized in an industrial area on the U.S./Canadian border. Now we go west in Canada to examine the Ranchlands hum where researchers and community members are banding together to rule out potential causes one by one. They could use some funding for high-tech equipment to help them pinpoint what is irking residents.

Ranchlands hum mystery still stumps researchers

Volunteers researching a mysterious hum in northwest Calgary say the outcome of a similar study in Ontario gives them hope.

Richard Patching and others have spent at least five years trying to pinpoint the source of a bothersome noise in the neighbourhood of Ranchlands.

Now they say they are narrowing down the mystery but are getting stalled by a lack of resources.

A $60,000 federal grant recently helped a dedicated team of researchers pinpoint the source of a similar hum in Windsor, Ont.

Patching says that kind of money could help them, and they may try to raise it through crowdfunding.

However, they have not ruled out that it could be related to the water system and are hoping that some money and high-tech equipment will let them finally solve the mystery.

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What I like about this story and the trend towards regional issues like this is that the community is not freaking out but looking to pull in qualified individuals to sort out what could be going on and systematically track down the cause. No conspiracy mongering, no paranormal extremism. But a recognition that such nuisances are real, they make people upset, but something can be done.

  2 comments for “Another annoying Canadian humming noise brings citizens together

  1. Paul F
    May 31, 2014 at 9:47 PM

    Let me be the first to invoke a conspiracy. It is the sound of smugglers tunneling under the border to illegally bring Scottish haggis into the US.

  2. June 7, 2014 at 7:33 PM

    Thanks for including this information on your website, Sharon. Thanks, also, for recognizing we are undertaking this work logically and methodically. Unlike Paul F., who feels comfortable poking fun at what is a serious issue for many, we are seeking a solution – or solutions – based on facts and evidence, not on dreams and conjecture. It is a long process, since we’re all volunteering our time. But, we have been able to piece together some promising information. We’re hoping to receive assistance similar to that granted to the Windsor Ontario Hum investigation. In the meantime, we encourage people who would like to be part of seeking a logical reason for this happening to be in touch with us.

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